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What We Do

We facilitate the implementation of conservative policy solutions to improve the lives of all Virginians through education, research and collaboration. Our aim is to advance individual freedom, free enterprise, limited government, religious liberty and a strong national defense -- conservative principles aimed at fueling social and economic growth.


We seek to educate citizens on becoming informed active voters and being better civic leaders.


By providing extensive research and data, public leaders are better equipped and more effective in fulfilling their duties as a legislature.


We continue our pursuit of conservative principles through the formation of alliance members and partners who champion our ideals

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You can play a vital part in securing and advancing our liberties and moral values so Virginians can better themselves and their families. Sign up for updates.

Freedom to Work


We’re concerned citizens. We’ve been politicians, activists and execs at hyper-growth companies. We’re passionate about teaming up with conservatives to help them build breakout political roles that stand the test of time.

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Fund a Training Course

Fund a Training Course

One way to get involved is to invest, like us. The biggest obstacle to running for office is lack of support and training. We train and prepare standout conservative individuals to take back and restore America to its roots. With your help, we’re changing that.

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Our Model

We are a community of citizens who are concerned about Virginia’s future and decided to do something to advance our conservative values that this nation, and Virginia, was built upon. We want to facilitate the implementation of conservative policy solutions to improve the lives of all Virginians.

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The last hope of human liberty in this world rests on us. We ought, for so dear a state to sacrifice every attachment and every enmity.

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Feel free to give us a call or let's discuss over a cuppa. We are happy to talk you through and develop new relationships.

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P.O. Box 10064
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Mark G. Bold, J.D. CEO
Direct: +1 (434) 209-3992

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